The Gazzbass Falcon

The “Gazzbass Falcon” is not just another bass. It is another experience.

Its beauty lies within its core.

A solid, 2-layer Oak body gives a ringing sustain that will out-do any other.
The grain is meticulously sealed. The body is sanded to 3000 grit, leaving it looking like a mirror.
But that’s not where it ends…

The Falcon’s body is finished with Tung Oil.

Tung Oil is a natural or “green” product. Also, after it cures (5 to 30 days, weather/temperature related), the result is a very hard and easily repaired finish.
The oil is diluted with hydrocarbon thinner so that the viscosity is very low and enables the oil to penetrate the finest grain woods.
Thus, the Oak grain stands (and dips) proud, revealing an inner organic quality that resonates with the player.

The head-stock is waiting for your personal monogram. It is of Fender inline type, with gold hardware as standard.

All Gazzbass Falcon necks are made of the finest reclaimed rock maple, pains-takingly shaped and finished with Tung Oil.
Featuring a single truss rod system, the Gazzbass Falcon offers a choice of fingerboards:

One: A solid, P-Bass dimensioned neck with Mother-Of-Pearl inlays set in a rosewood base (22 frets).
Two: A solid, P-Bass dimensioned neck with LED inlays set in a rosewood base (22 frets).

The Gazzbass Falcon hardware is choice brass, polished to a high sheen.
The bridge mechanism is similar to the “Tune-O-Matic” design, giving ultimate control over intonation and action.

The pickups are a single coil noise cancelled lipstick design, with a protective Walnut cover trim.
The Gazzbass Falcon electronics are copper shielded, and are front-side, unlike other high-end basses, for easy access to maintenance.
The electronics are active, requiring a 9-volt PP3 type battery. The battery compartment is conveniently located at the back of the bass, behind the bridge.

The electronics offer a very high combination of dynamic tonal ranges:

One: You can blend between neck and bridge pickups effortlessly.
Two: There is a 3-band, on board equalizer at you disposal, featuring bass, middle and treble.

The Deluxe model of the Falcon features an LED lit neck (where the inlays usually are).
The whole system runs off an 9-volt PP3 type battery. The neck LEDs take very little power.
There is a kill switch and brightness adjustment controls to give you full command over their function… gigging will never be the same in low-light venues!

The Standard Gazzbass Falcon comes with the following:

  • The Bass itself (doh!)
  • Deluxe strap locking knobs
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Personal Amplifier for practicing
  • Maintenance tools
  • Digital Tuner
  • Gig carrying bag (solid shell-case optional)
  • A set of XL Gazzbass strings (.30 – .90)
  • A certificate of Authenticity and Ownership
  • Bass Guitar specific cleaning products

I don’t just sell you a bass guitar, I give you the means to treasure it and to experience what Bass Guitar is!

If you wish more add-on’s, just send an e-mail or a message and I will try to oblige you!

You are on the road to musical greatness… Gazzbass Bass guitars will get you there!


Gary Denyer.